North Korean Tablet a Hit Among Students

North Korea’s state media reported about the popularity of its very own tablet, which they fondly named PAD or its nickname “Achim” (or Morning). The North Korean iPad clone is reportedly a favorite among students, as the tablet allows them to use “teaching materials, references, dictionaries, and scientific data” written in Korean, Russian, and English. […]

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OLPC XO Touch 175

The One Laptop Per Child project has this mission to equip every child worldwide with an affordable laptop that can be used as a learning tool. The OLPC project has been forging on with this objective by coming up with better models as well as establishing partnerships to help them in this mission. One of […]

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Wedge Mobile Keyboard For Upcoming Windows 8 Tablets

Many people are highly anticipating the introduction of the new Windows 8 tablets. Perhaps no one is getting more excited about it than Microsoft itself. It is eyeing the new Windows 8 tablets to be highly sought out devices when it comes out that it has already developed other hardware to go with it. One […]

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Sonys New Tablet Leaked from Internal Slides

A German news site has published what appears to be Sony’s next-generation tablet. Mobiflip claims that leaks about the so-called Sony Xperia tablet have been obtained through internal slides. In plain sight, the new tablet appears thinner and lighter than the Sony Tablet S. It is cased around a splash-proof aluminum body. The internal specifications […]

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