iConvert Scanner

The Apple iPad has really established itself as a premier tablet among consumers. While there were already other tablets that were developed before the iPad, it was Apple that was able to capture the imagination of consumers and created the tablet that has become the standard today. And there are still many unrealized potential for […]

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Casio Paper Writer

With tablets becoming more and more popular, they are considered to someday replace the notepad or notebook altogether as a primary note taking device. But even with all the high tech gadgets of today, there are still people who prefer using paper to write on their lists and notes to. For people who may still […]

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Matrix One Tablet

Just when you think that people no longer needs new tablets, there are still many more tablet versions coming up. Can you blame the manufacturers for riding in on a thriving tablet market right now? But of course, it only helps give added choices to people if they want to buy a new tablet. If […]

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