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The Apple iPad has really established itself as a premier tablet among consumers. While there were already other tablets that were developed before the iPad, it was Apple that was able to capture the imagination of consumers and created the tablet that has become the standard today. And there are still many unrealized potential for this device. And many third party companies have ventured to put these potential at the forefront. One example is this iConvert Scanner for the iPad.

The iConvert Scanner is a unique tool that allows people to digitize documents conveniently for viewing on the iPad. This add-on tool to the tablet has a feeder slot where documents go into and get digitized. It also has a dock for the iPad that allows it to store and save the scanned document directly to the tablet as JPEG files. This makes it quite convenient to store your digitized files and being able to view them as well. The iConvert Scanner comes with a free downloadable iPad app to make it work with the popular tablet. The iConvert Scanner is available at Brookstone for US$ 150.

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