OLPC XO Touch 175

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The One Laptop Per Child project has this mission to equip every child worldwide with an affordable laptop that can be used as a learning tool. The OLPC project has been forging on with this objective by coming up with better models as well as establishing partnerships to help them in this mission. One of the results is the introduction of the new OLPC XO Touch 1.75 combined laptop and tablet.

The OLPC XO Touch 1.75 is a colorful laptop and tablet combo that aims to keep in step with the current devices of today. It comes with a 7.5 inch multi-touch display, a product of OLPC’s recent partnership with Neonode. The screen is also eco-friendly consuming only 2W of power and also features a sunlight-readable display. The TFT-LCD display rotates 180 degrees and can fall flat on the keyboard for some truly tablet function.

The OLPC XO Touch 1.75 is designed to be used by those who otherwise would not have ready access to such devices. They are considered to be more affordable than the consumer standard devices similar to it. Availability of the laptop tablet combo is not yet known, as with its final target price. It remains to be seen whether its partnership with Neonode will eventually decrease or increase its price.

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