North Korean Tablet a Hit Among Students

North Korea’s state media reported about the popularity of its very own tablet, which they fondly named PAD or its nickname “Achim” (or Morning). The North Korean iPad clone is reportedly a favorite among students, as the tablet allows them to use “teaching materials, references, dictionaries, and scientific data” written in Korean, Russian, and English. The Achim operates with just five hours of battery juice, compared to 10 in the iPad, presumably because of the low-priced components used to develop the device.

The OS the Achim runs on remains unclear, but the safest bet would be a variation of North Korea’s own “Red Star” OS (which itself was based on Linux). The Red Star has been used for the isolated country’s other platforms, including PCs.

It will not be too long before Apple would decide to sue Kim Jong Un for plagiarizing the iPad.

Source: NK News, via Engadget
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