Keyview Smartype Keyboard

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For those who usually use a computer for typing, it is a skill that is usually developed with frequent use. But for most people, touch typing may still be a skill that they only can dream of having. Most would still be typing away with their eyes always glues to the keyboard than to the computer screen, which can slow down one’s typing speed. For those who are the non-touch typing group, using this new Keyview Smartype Keyboard may help provide some improvements in typing speed.

The Keyview Smartype Keyboard is a QWERTY keyboard designed for computers and comes with its own small display. This particular display, which is set on top of the slightly raised keyboard design, aims to mirror what is being typed into the computer display. This prevents typists from having to move their eyes back and forth from the keyboard and the computer screen. This may help improve one’s typing speed and accuracy in the process, not to mention no longer having to deal with a sore or strained neck and eyes as well. The Keyview Smartype Keyboard is currently available for pre-order at the Keyview site although its price as well as availability hasn’t yet been formally announced.

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